The oil is the gold of Puglia, the ancient and valuable food as the land from which it is generated. The oil, the result of a generous climate, but also the result of hard work and dedication on the part of those who, with love and respect, care of the growth of the olive trees, these authentic monuments of nature

 The 'extra virgin olive oil is the most interesting among the monounsaturated fats, essential component of the Mediterranean diet. It is the result of the cold pressing of the olives process with a low level of acidity, particularly rich in polyphenols which are veritable anti oxidants. Olive oil is a natural juice which preserves the taste, aroma, vitamins and organoleptic and functional properties of fruit


It 'a vegetable oil that does not undergo any chemical process and can be consumed after the pressing of the fruit. Pure, extra virgin olive oil, foods with which it binds makes noble and interesting through its multiple fragrances. Rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and vitamins, expressed interest in searches for excellent profits on health benefits. In fact, our extra virgin olive oil has beneficial effects: • Interacts on arterial and immune system, preventing myocardial infarction due to the presence of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.


• Sharpen the aging 

• High digestibility for the stimulation of gastrointestinal secretions.

• Provides protection to the stomach mucosa.

• Acts positively in biliary tract diseases.

• Ensures the body the right amount of linoleic acid.

• Reduces clogged arteries for its acyl conformation. • Allows a greater absorption of vitamins and in particular vitamin E.

• Performs an action on the intestine regulating peristalsis.

• The extra virgin oil use inhibits the formation of free radicals such as to prevent the formation of tumors of the colon


Extravergine d'oliva



extremely delicate and soft oil from the typical golden color approaches better to raw foods, such as appetizers and salads.


Extravergine d'oliva



Oil from the strong flavor of bitter almond taste, artichoke and thistle with spicy aftertaste, from colaorazione almost greenish is recommended on roasted, grilled and soups.


Extravergine d'oliva



Oil from bold color and a fruity flavor, marries the boiled and steam preparations, good payable raw with pasta and vegetables